A tribute to the life of Jonathan Peters

Monday, September 27, 2010

$5,000.00 Reward Offered!!!

In just a few short months, it will be 5 years since Jonathan's murder, and it seems like yesterday to me. I am offering a reward of $5,000 for information which will result in an arrest and conviction of the person responsible for my son's murder.

A person of interest told me after Jonathan's disappearance, "You are a 50 year- old woman, and you can't prove anything." I would treasure the possibility of proving him wrong. If anyone is able to help us find some degree of justice in Jonathan's murder (and Anna's suicide) I would be eternally grateful and will respond with a financial reward. I believe money talks when the truth has been hushed.

Debbie Peters
Jonathan & Anna's Mom


  1. Hello,
    First let me say I'm sorry for your loss. I work for an organization called www.rewardmoney4crooks.com. We would invite you to post your son's case on our website. Our only goal is to help generate new leads on cases like this one. This is a free service! If this is something you are not interested in then we would like your permission to post this case ouselves? Thank You! S. Bennett

  2. Hi,

    Just wanted to say, as a survivor of violence, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved son. And whoever told you that you are too old to prove anything..that person is a good lead for your case, maybe? Why would that person say that? Go with your gut, and stick with it. Many times we know our offender, I did.

    I have PTSD and I live with fear and pain, but nothing compared to the agonizing pain you suffer with the loss of your boy. My God, I can not express to you enough how bad I feel for people like you.

    Hang on, Mama, he was so lucky to have a Mother like you. If I got killed, there is no doubt in my mind that neither parent would do one single thing to help find the killer. They are not there for me now, and I am 44 yrs old, after forgiving them for child abuse years prior, it switched to emotional abuse, control and abandonment. So, what I am saying is, thank God you loved Jonathan so much and showed him.

    Best wishes finding the weak, little coward-monster that took his life.

    God be with you.

  3. Did Johnathan know the people who lived in
    the apartment he was last seen at?

    Was anyone else there besides Johnathan, and brian?

    Did the body have defense wounds on it, or was it impossible to determine?

    Was his wallet on him? did it have his ID and/or cash in it?

    It seems personal;possibly anger or jealousy motivated,like a spontaneous fight precipitated to murder;

    Why did it take so long to find him? was there an attempt to bury him? Highly wooded area?

    (I asked about defense wounds because if none were present it could indicate he was taken by surprise, or the First Blow was fatal/immobilizing.)

    They were supposed to be doing a Landscaping job is why I wondered about an attempt to bury
    the body, a shovel would be easy to Borrow, or use and replace; also if it could be determined he was Killed elsewhere before being placed
    where he was found, that means there is an Area, (or areas) where you can do Luminol Blood
    presence testing to build circumstantial evidence.

    With more information on this, just the tedious little details, a better asessment
    could be made.

    1. I need all the details too. I believe that I can solve this.

  4. It has been five years today since Jonathan's murder,and as his mom, it seems like yesterday to me, as time has stood still. I know that Jonathan was running for his life when he was brutally murdered,and I live with the horror of that realization. My daughter, Anna,also lived with that painful reminder of her brother's last moments, and to her it was too hard to accept. In her suicide note she wrote, "I don't want to hurt any longer. I want to be with Jonathan." I can only hope that the person guilty of my son's murder will someday be served the justice he is due. I miss my two deceased children every day of my life.

  5. It's my gut feeling that The key is carrissa lee . I believe she knows alot more. RIP Jonny P .

  6. Please know we continue to think of all of you and hold hope for JUSTICE in our prayers. This case certainly can not be that difficult to solve. Have you considered taking it to Vidocq Society in Philadelphia, they have solved other Oregon cold cases. We are pulling for you.
    We seek justice, because the victims can not.

  7. So sorry for a mom to suffer the loss of two children, the murderer took two physical lives. But destroyed the living lifes of so many. I think the key was what brought them there, was not the truth. I think he was brought there under false pretenses. I believe it is said that the use of knives are usually very personol, and the victim will know the murderer. Why did the friend leave on the same day. I would hire an investigator with the reward money and check out friends that were involved. Did they hide the body, during the first weeks,and then move it at a later time? I agree with the Vidocq or I think there are internet sleuths that will do this at no charge. It seems like he probably new who did this. I hope this horriffic tragedy is solved. I know it is little resolve but it will at least help the constant wondering. Someone knows and they are living everyday with guilt.

    1. Thank to all who have made suggestions. We are waiting for the pivotal person to come forward with the information we need to make an arrest. As Jonathan and Anna's Mom, this is Never over for me...never.

    2. Thank you. I know you are correct. We know who did it and Jonathan knew his murderer. We need someone to come forward with the truth. The truth is what we need to prosecute this murderer.

  8. Dear Debbie,

    We have not met, but I want you to know that you and your beautiful children are in my thoughts this Mother's Day. I am deeply sorry for your pain, greatly admire your strength, and so thankful for the chance to know your son.

    He would be very proud of you.

    Jaime Gleixner

    1. Thank you for your kind words. The privilege has been being Jonathan, Anna, and David's Mother. With all the pain of this loss, I would never trade any of it, for having been their Mom. The honor and privilege has been mine. I miss them every day...every single day.

  9. Dear Debbie,

    I would like to look into this more and see what the police have (and haven't) been able to accomplish.

    I knew Anna from working at the GAP before I got into law enforcement locally and I had been in touch with her when she came to the police for something unrelated to Jonathan's death.

    I feel the loss of Anna deeply in my heart even now and I would like to do something, anything and help bring some sense of closure to you. I can't imagine how heavy the loss of Anna and Jonathan has on you everyday.

    Right now I work as a Private Investigator and I have 10 years of law enforcement experience. I would like to look into this on my own time. And if your willing to give me an opportunity I would would like to do whatever I can to look at Jonathan's murder from another angle and uncover the truth.

    Please contact me at josh.schwenken@gmail.com and I can fill you in on some details about myself and answer any questions you might have...

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  11. Have you thought about trying to contact crime author Ann Rule?

  12. Debbie, this is Katie, I know Jonathan was so scared the last time he talked to me and I pray for him frequently. I now live in Portland and I think about him alot because he loved this area.
    I hope his killer lives in pain and fear every day. You said you know who it is, is it who we always thought it was? Why can't they prove anything?

    1. Yes, Katie, the one and only suspect is still the suspect. Someday the truth will be known. I miss Jonathan and Anna every single day.

  13. Debbie, this is Amy Woodruff (berts daughter). This story came up in the north bend/coos bay area again - was on the front page of the local paper. Am thinking of you and praying for you. Hope you can solve this and find closure.

    1. No closure, Amy, only pain.

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